We collaborate with parents and kids. They love how the Munchee transforms health. Using the Munchee early and integrated with other therapies can save big on later treatments while empowering kids in their own health.


Kids experience the Munchee as a toy as much as a therapy—compliance is high, using Munchee becomes a point of family connection and even fun.


The protocols developed that make the Munchee so powerful are readily adapted into the spectrum of therapeutic approaches.


The smallest price tag possible for a huge cascade of benefits—the Munchee makes a difference before expensive corrective approaches become necessary.

Together we’re tackling chronic health problems. Munchee enhances treatment.

The Munchee journey often begins with identifying symptoms that can cause real trouble.

  • Thumb and pacifier-sucking
  • Tongue thrust through teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Decaying teeth
  • Deficient face and jaw
  • Clenching and bruxing
  • Open bites and over bites
  • Cross bites and under-bites
  • Mouth breathing
  • Dribbling and drooling
  • Speech problems
  • Open mouth eating
  • And triggering a cascade of lifelong health benefits.
  • Preventative, integrative and systemic.
  • Improving chewing and tone of the lip, face and jaw muscles creates benefits for life.
  • Improved and more restful sleep.
  • Higher energy levels and alertness.
  • Social and relational capacity.
  • Postural improvements.
  • Biomechanical nervous system simulation.
  • Blood flow, sinus drainage and gum oxygenation.
  • Kickstarts digestion and salivary glands.
  • Can influence craniofacial bone growth.

Here’s how the Munchee works.

It’s not rocket science (it’s child’s play).

  1. Brushing
    Pronged design functions like a brush — cleaning, oxygenating and producing alkaline saliva.
  2. Strengthening
    Enhances jaw and mouth muscle strength to help with better oral health.
  3. Improving
    Promotes nasal breathing and improves swallowing patterns by strengthening lips, tongue and face muscles.